31/32 Lower Mount Street , Dublin

Live Traditional Irish Music Every Saturday Night

Live traditional Irish music every Saturday from 8:30pm. Each week there is a new variation of musicians & instruments. Come along you won’t be disappointed !

Refreshingly Different

We are delighted to stock a selection of craft beers that we have chosen for you to enjoy when your looking for that something a little different in a refreshing beverage. Mostly brewed by small independent brewers from Ireland and around the world you can experience the very best in this time long craft right here in O’Connors. Have a chat to one of our bar staff and they would be delighted to talk you through the tastes and options available many of which have been specially chosen to complement our food menus throughout the day and evening.

There’s a story
in every bottle

Ask our staff about our range of Artisan Craft Beers as there is a story in every bottle, from the receipe to how these small micro-breweries are bringing new tastes to us and about the passion thad drives them to create new and exciting brews.