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31/32 Lower Mount Street , Dublin

We know a thing or two...

In a 100 years we’ve picked up a thing or two about what makes a great Whiskey and have created quite a collection of greats

Irish Whiskey to lesser gems

You can’t visit a Dublin bar like O’Connors and not try a great Irish whiskey. We know a thing or two about Whiskey having past knowledge down from generation to generation over 100 years and we have used that knowledge to build up a collection of some of the great whiskeys from around the world for you to sample. We really do have a huge selection of great Whiskey’s to suit all tastes. Many of the famous Irish brand names can be found behind the bar along with some lesser known gems for you to try.

It’s True, Whiskey Originated in Ireland. …Ah, but when you talk to the Scots, well, they tell you of the hard written evidence that proves whiskey was in distillation in 1494. There is a record on the Exchequer Rolls of ‘eight bolls of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make aqua vitae’. For those who are a little more skeptical there are further written records of Irish whiskey in the Annals of Clonmacnoise dating back to 1405, stating “A.D. 1405. Richard Magrannell Chieftain of Moyntyreolas died at Christmas by taking a surfeit of aqua vitae.

Refreshingly Different

Have a chat with any of our friendly bar staff to talk about your particular tastes and we are sure to find you the perfect bottle for you. You might also be interested to know that from time to time we hold whiskey tasting nights with some of the rarest bottles complimented with the great Irish names. Whiskey tasting night also make for a great staff occasion, night out or just a get together with close friends!

Shane Coghlan
Dublin - Via Facebook

Before of after a big game in the Aviva – there’s no better place than O’Connors. It has been a regular pre-match meet up for the lads for pints for well over 15 years. We rarely go to a match without dropping in for afeed and our favoruite brew…

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